City Country Livin

by Spacefolk

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Spacefolk would like to thank all the spacefolk from all the curves of all the universes. Special thanks to Marco Flagg, Curt Zimpfer, Will George and Devon Lee for playing and performing with Spacefolk. Jon would like to thank his family, Greg Merrill, Phil Gorey, Jon Green, Joe Vickers, Rapscallions and Secret Spot Cafe. Adrian would like to thank all the people Jon thanked as well as the Space Time Continuum, Daphne Blackstock, Mart McFly, SZLM, Rue Moyer, Danville, Kana and Jesse Warren. Steve would like to thank all the people that his fellow space brothers thanked and also his wife Rita, for without her constant support this endeavor would not have happened. He especially would like to thank Charlie, Adrian, Jon and Uran for creating something truly magical that he could be a part of and lastly Mother Universe, for without her teachings, unending love and compassion, he would just be a monkey. Uran would also like to thank Ayala Kamper and Michelle Gevint. Charlie would like to thank his family for all their support as well as everyone already thanked. He would also like to thank The Treat, Caspian, Sinbusters, The Big Sway, Pokemon Dad, Seventh Peak, Friendly Cannons, Smokes, Los Bungalitos and The Slip for their inspiring performances and friendships. He would like to give his deepest thanks to everyone who has come out to a Spacefolk show and all the people who will come out to a show in the future. This album is for just as much for you as it is for us. Thanks for being inspiring diverse folk. Peace Love and Light


released November 24, 2015

All songs written by Charles Utter. All songs produced by Spacefolk: Uran Kamper (bass), Steve Merchant (keyboard), Adrian Blackstock (drums, vocals), Jon Howland (lead guitar) and Charlie Utter (vocals, guitar, ukulele). All songs recorded at Soolive studios by Hisana and at his apartment by Steve in Shenzhen, China. All songs mixed and mastered by Phil Gorey.



all rights reserved


Spacefolk Shenzhen, China

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Track Name: Star Bullet
There's a beam of light
Emitting from your chest
Follow where it leads
Peace and happiness
Stars are born and die
Just like all the rest
Of these decaying matters
We are truly blessed

Star bullet
Its got me in my chest
Star bullet
The one that I like best
Tar bullet
Its got me in my chest
Tar bullet
The one that I like best

Where do you draw the line
Between making the best of it
Or just choosing
Always excellence

Star bullet its got me in my chest
Star bullet the one that I like best

Reapers on my back
Only Im givin him a lift
Where do you think he belongs
Find a place and let him sit
Let him sit! Let him sit now

Star bullet
Its got me in my chest
Star bullet
The one that I like best
Track Name: City Country Livin
City country live in, when I wake up in bed
Roots of grass growing out of my head
City country livin its how I get fed
Any way I'm living gonna wind up dead
Life lived in the balance
Watching love spread

Everyday I comb dust from my hair
Plastic wrapped oranges come in pairs
You can focus on your joy or focus on your cares
City country livin with time to spare
Life lived in the balance
Watch as love goes on a tare

City country livin on the underground
Trapped liked sardines in a car of clowns
Scraping the sky it’s a long way down
I liked to get lost, more than once I’ve been found
Life lived in the balance
Listen to love sound

Life lived in the balance
Listen to love sound

City country livin full of surprise!
I’ve been drunk, been high now I'm on the rise
City country livin maybe you can surmise
City country livin to redeem our demise
Life lived in the balance
Reaching for love prize

City country livin create your life
Anyway you want free from strife
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind
City country livin will be your midwife
Life lived in the balance
Love life LOVE LIFE!
Track Name: You Can Go
Way out wandering beyond the roads
Some wear clothes and some grow old
You’ve been warned
Cacti, fungi from farmers gold
Lucy sky diving on wheat mold
You can go

You can go oh oh you can go
You can go oh oh
Somewhere you’ve never been before

Outside your home there's a deep black hole
You can base jump into love
Eat enough herb watch the colors glow
It’s the vessel at the end of the rainbow
You can go

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh
I want everyone happy and everyone pleased
Watch as I get down on my knees
And pray that god will give me the keys
To the pearly gates and the visions of heaven
Ima open em up twenty four seven
God answers light which is to be expected
So I got up and left and since then I've attested
I believe in a heaven
Right here right now
Cause we’re all doin what we want
And we’re all learnin how
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh
Track Name: Find Our Rest
When we got to the top of the mountain
All we found was the youth fountain
So we took to the side pathways
Lateral thinking and all of the byways

We looked to the clouds and the trees
And we listened to the birds and the bees
Traveling from the east to the west
Where will we find our rest?
Where will we find our rest?

Now we're on the scene in the tavern
Let’s all transport out of the cavern
To a vast wild open space
Now we can see all of space

We’re becoming the clouds and the trees
And we’re flying with the birds and the bees
No longer are there east or west
Where we will we find our rest
Where we will we find our rest

And so we journey on and on
Searching for truest songs
Free our minds from right and wrong
Follow the narrow pathway its long
Carry on

We played and played until we played the host
Drove and drove until we hit the coast
Dove right in and swam with the whale
Emerged again and followed our trail

Alongside the clouds and the trees
Listening to the birds and bees
This time to the east from the west
Where will we find our rest?
Where will we find our rest?
Where we will we find our rest
Where we will we find our rest
Track Name: Boom Cherry
Boom cherry, boom cherry
Boom cherry o
Boom cherry, boom cherry
With Mary for show

Mary Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With big boom cherries or little green fairies
Either way I know

Mary Mary will you carry
Me to the show?
Or will you tarry and talk to Larry
Or some other soul

Excuse me Mary, didn’t intend to do me.
I like winners baby… Are you here to succeed
Diet Cola convenience? With them big mac legs.
Two sesame seed buns, even got some pickles in there.
Lettuce(Let us) in the air, sauce spread everywhere.
Yea, cherry that is your name cause that’s call to to fame.
Boom. John Madden.
Didn’t even know you could hit so hard.
Hit it like you’re trying to leave a mark,
mess up the game and press restart
Track Name: Concrete Sandals
I want to live like an animal
No more cars or concrete sandals
My only tools, knives and candles
The only rule, no bystanders

Then we'll live like cannibals
Of eachothers wars and landfills
No movement only standstills
No improvement only planned spills

When we live with mandibles
There'll be no more dental bills
And the dolphins will cry SCANDAL!
Cause we'll eat all of the crill

I wanna go and I wanna stay
What do you do when your heart flies away?
Mold another from the clay
And wait until that day

When we live as angels
Kissing scars and curing ills
With the light from our skills
And the joy from our thrills
Track Name: Desert Jesus
Jesus went out into the desert
Why oh why I don’t know
Jesus went out into the desert
Tempted to fly tellin satan no no
Jesus went out into the desert
Turn these stones into bread
Jesus went out into the desert
Why oh why I don’t know

You were baptized
And the spirit of God came down
Now we’re baptized
By water and by sound
Forsaking all else
You went on your way
Went out into the desert
For forty nights and days

What were you doing
In those missing years
After you told the priests
What they didn’t want to hear
Were you uncovering the
Deepest truths of life
Or did you find then lose
A family and a wife

I can only imagine
That it must have been for love
Which only raises
More questions about the above
Like the Buddha
You followed the inner way
Whats with you guys and
All those nights and days

What did you want to
Find out there
Certainly not
Satan and his dares
Thankfully you did not
Succumb to his ways
Cause I surely would have
Long before forty fucking days
Track Name: Ride On
I don’t understand, that’s life I guess
One moment you’re flying high and the next it's all a mess
Still I’m searching, wandering far and wide
For what will keep me whole and what will keep me inspired

Ride on, ride on through the night
When there’s none to be seen, shine your own light
Devil may care, the good die young or not
Maybe God will, give them a second shot

When I look in your eyes, I know I’m blessed
Couldn’t ask for anything more, wouldn’t settle for anything less
Though the earth may quake and I’m stuck here in this cave
I’m told that even hypocrites
Can be saved
Track Name: Celestial Antipodes
How long must we wait for this longing to abate At the edge of the surf remembering those who left the globe
And those on antipodes

Bonfires on the beach
No ones out of reach
Connecting through the golden glow
Web of stories sung and told
Of celestial antipodes

Did you walk upon that shore?
Madras white sand turned you red
Dark expansive waves ebb
Reflecting up from below
Glow stirred at antipodes
Track Name: Garden of Our Souls
You’ve got soul
More than you know
Sometimes it spills right out
You have to scoop it up with a shovel

We’ve got more
More than we need
We can give it away
Through the art of generosity

And I know
There’s a place we'll go
Somewhere to call our home
Deep in the garden of our souls

We’ve got roles
Shoes to fill
Untie your concrete sandals
And go running barefoot
Through the hills

We’ve been told
Truth and lies
Let the wind carry them away
Look to the mirror
In each other’s eyes
Track Name: Rooftop Jammin
Have you ever been rooftop jammin?
Have you ever seen the top floor of my cabin?
From up there you can see in many directions
With the sky above making all the right connections

This time it’s do or do not
What’s all this try shit you’ve been talkin about
String together words like you would a fishing line
Then go trollin for a melody sublime

Have you ever been rooftop jamming?
Have you ever seen the top floor of my cabin?
From up there we can start an insurrection
Maybe steal away and share in some affections